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In Speech to Truckers, Trump Hinted at Hostage Release


President Trump speaking to truckers at an airplane hangar in Harrisburg, Pa., on Wednesday. His forecast during his speech seemed to contradict his own declaration that he never telegraphs his moves in advance.

Tom Brenner/The New York Times

WASHINGTON — He was talking taxes with truckers on Wednesday evening when President Trump suddenly diverged into a curious tangent. He had been given “some very, very important news” that “you’ll probably be hearing about” in the next few days. What it was, he did not say.

If the truckers packed in the airport hanger in Harrisburg, Pa., went home that night scratching their heads, Mr. Trump was right that they would eventually realize what he was referring to. By Thursday morning, word emerged that an American woman and her family had been released after five years of captivity by Afghan militants.

The forecast by the…

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