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Internet Commenters Able to Detect Political Themes in Seemingly Random Events

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It is a mistake to read too much into internet comments; then again, it is a mistake to read nothing into internet comments. They offer a view into the psyche of a large subset of the population—a view that cannot be found anywhere else outside of court records.

For the stereotypical American Internet Commenter, #content on the internet is less important for what it is than for its ability to serve as a canvas upon which to draw, in BRIGHT RED COLORS, a picture of said commenter’s view of the world. There are two primary rules for internet commenters:

  1. Anything can be linked back to your personal pet themes or grievances, no matter how absurd the connection might appear to be. And,
  2. Everything is evidence for your personal beliefs.

Here we have a Facebook video of an angry shirtless man running around downtown Denver, attacking various bystanders with a large stick. The…

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