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Last Inmates Leave Tent City, a Remnant of Joe Arpaio

Tent City, which was outfitted with dozens of Korean War tents, was a spectacle that attracted much national attention for Mr. Arpaio’s tactics: Most inmates were issued pink underwear to wear underneath their jumpsuits, pornographic magazines were banned and cooking shows were broadcast in the cafeteria while the inmates ate two meatless meals a day. Inmates also endured extremely hot conditions, something human rights groups criticized as cruel.


“To this day, people approach me and thank me,” Joe Arpaio, a former Maricopa County sheriff, said of Tent City on Wednesday.

Angie Wang/Associated Press

“One of the big issues was it was 120, 130 degrees, and I shut everybody’s mouth up when I told them our soldiers are fighting for our country living in tents,” Mr. Arpaio said.

Mr. Arpaio, 85, also touted his implementation of chain gangs, another extreme…

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